Webinar: US-Europe-Russia relations: Views from Australia

One week after the G7, NATO and Biden-Putin summits, Australian experts are deliberating on the key strategic choices facing Australia now.

About this event

One week after the historic Biden-Putin summit in Geneva on 16 June, which followed US President Biden’s first participation in the G7 and NATO summits, Australia is facing important geostrategic choices. This panel discussion aims to provoke debate on key issues arising from these internationally significant meetings. First, the panelists will deliberate on key changes under the Biden Administration and outstanding challenges in US-Europe, NATO and US-Russia relations following these summits. The panelists will be asked to comment on the G7 proposal to establish an alternative infrastructure development initiative to rival China’s Belt and Road project. Then, the issues of Russia-based cyber threats for Australia will discussed considering the recent US-Russian rapprochement on this topic. Lastly, the panel will be open to questions from the audience on any aspect of G7, NATO and US-Europe-Russia meetings from the previous week.

ESAANZ NSW/ACT would like to cordially invite all members and other interested parties to tune in to the online panel discussion on US-Europe-Russia relations, with views from Australia. Panelists include Dr Gorana Grgic from the University of Sydney; A/Prof Alexey Muraviev from Curtin University; Dr Rémy Davison from Monash University and Dr Nina Markovic Khaze from Macquarie University. The event will be moderated by Dr Elizabeth Buchanan from Deakin University.

For further information and media enquiries, please contact nina.markovic@mq.edu.au