ESAANZ 2022 Annual General Meeting

The European Studies Association Australia and New Zealand (ESAANZ) is calling its Annual General Meeting (AGM) for Thursday 5 May 2022 at 5.00pm (Australian Eastern Time). The Constitution for ESAANZ requires either 21 days advance notification for a Special Meeting or 14 days for an “ordinary” AGM. All members of ESAANZ are entitled to participate in this meeting.

Mode of participation at the AGM

The AGM will be held on Zoom

Colleagues will need to register on this Eventbrite platform and follow the prompts and information supplied

The registration on Eventbrite for the AGM must be competed no later than 29 April (5.00pm) – 1 week before the AGM. Members who wish to nominate for positions must respond via email to Jessica Quirk also by the 29th of April at Members are also encouraged to offer any issues in the registration they wish to be discussed at the AGM. This item will be included in the agenda of the AGM.


The Eventbrite registration will also facilitate the nomination process for leadership positions. In the event you are nominating for a position available in the management and leadership of the Association you will be required to indicate this intention. The Association will be renewing its leadership body for the following positions:


Vice President



Membership Officer

Website Manager

Social Media and Events Manager

The positions of President of the Association has already been agreed at the foundation of the ESAANZ that it would alternate between Australia and New Zealand. In 2022 the position will go to the nominated representative of Australia.

The other position which is not opened for voting is the ANZJES Journal representative which is decided by the Editorial Group of the journal.

Voting for positions

Where there is one nomination for a position the election for that position will not take place.

Where there is more than one nomination for a position then a secret ballot through the Secretary will be carried out to ascertain the elected person with the most votes.

Where there is no nomination for a position then the new Executive of ESAANZ will ensure that this empty position is filled at the next available meeting.

Zoom Link

A zoom link will be sent after registrations close for the AGM

AGM and Related Documents

For your information, here is a link to the ESAANZ Constitution.