CESAA Seminar on ‘Brexit’ and 2019 AGM


4:30pm- 5:30pm for the seminar

5:30pm- 6:30pm for the AGM – for CESAA members only


RMIT Courtroom 3, Building 20, Level 2, RMIT City Campus , 124 La Trobe Street. Enter via Building 1.


Tuesday 2nd April 2019

All invited to a CESAA seminar – ‘Brexit, symbol of Crisis’ – Speaker Professor Bruce Wilson

Not surprisingly, the fragility of trade relations is at the heart of the Brexit crisis: the ‘backstop’ is precisely about the protection of just one dimension of this. However, the struggle over the United Kingdom’s referendum on leaving the EU is symptomatic of much deeper crises in the United Kingdom, and also in the European Union. This seminar will focus on the ways in which the Brexit episode derives from and reveals these crises. While this seminar will occur 4 days after that supposed date of departure, the UK is in fact unlikely to leave the EU on 29 March 2019. This very uncertainty demonstrates the depth of the crisis, but also carries within the seeds for some optimism about how these crises might be resolved.

After the seminar the CESAA AGM will happen in the same location, but only for members.

Light refreshments will be provided by the RMIT EU Centre at 4:30pm