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Event 4. 9 September 2022 in Melbourne with virtual participation.

Event Summary

The last of the project events occurred on 9 September 2022 and was titled “Being in the shoes of the EU institutions in addressing European Union challenges”. It too was overshadowed by the events in Ukraine and the onset of the energy crisis in Europe in the coming winter. Again, the EU Delegation was invited to open the event through Fedja Zlobec, Counsellor and Deputy Head, Delegation of the European Union to Australia. For reasons related to teaching curriculum issues within the Department of Education, there was a smaller turnout of teachers for the event. Some 17 teachers attended the event along with a further 6 external speakers. The workshop was more heavily geared towards the teachers addressing their ability to pressure recognition of the European Union within their curriculum and how this can be best achieved. Despite the smaller number of teachers there was a very lively discussion and debate and based on feedback from the teachers there was extra emphasis on understanding more the institutional functions and how they inter-relate in EU decision making.

Event Program

Event Flyer