Jean Monnet EU-Australia Centre of Excellence for Economic Cooperation

Disclaimer: This ‘event’ is a visiting fellowship application with the Australia National University (ANU)

EU–Australia economic cooperation is entering an ambitious new phase. This is taking place in the context of the shifting international economic landscape and there is an increasing focus on climate change as an absolute priority. Technological advances and global value chains have redefined traditional flows of goods, capital and services across borders and tested the limits of
established international institutions of economic cooperation. The COVID-19 pandemic has, of course, added additional complexities to these relationships.

The Centre of Excellence focuses very practically on such emerging issues and aims to explore them in the developing EU-Australia relationship. One particular concern will be the increased policy attention to domestic supply capability across a range of essential goods and services. Comparing EU Member States and Australia offers interesting contrasts in approaches across different policy
issues and provides useful material to explore their effectiveness. It will be important in these policy debates to ensure that the important competitive advantages of the free trade agenda are not ignored.

The Centre’s principal objective is to identify opportunities for the EU and Australia to progress the bilateral economic relationship and to pursue shared objectives in regional and multilateral contexts.

We are seeking a Visiting Fellow to assist the ANUCES in undertaking research to explore relevant issues within this broad theme. Primarily, the Visiting Fellow will identify and undertake a project that will provide a solid academic basis for such policy debates. Ideally, this work will be undertaken between 1 July 2020 and 31 December 2020. The Visiting Fellow will be required to present their research in the form of a masterclass and a webinar for stakeholders promoting realistic policy actions.

As travel to Australia is currently impossible, the ANUCES will provide up to 4,500 Euro towards travel in 2021 for the Visiting Fellow to present this work at appropriate professional/academic conference(s) and to undertake discussions with policy advisers and other leading researchers to advance the policy relevance of the work. The research should finally be presented in an ANUCES
Briefing Paper. It could also be developed into academic publications.

How to Apply

Complete the Application Form and email it to: with your CV and statement (max.
500 words) addressing the Selection Criteria and outlining your proposed project and
publications for this Fellowship.

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