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ESAANZ Conference 2020

December 1, 2020 to December 3, 2020

The European Studies Association Australia and New Zealand (ESAANZ) is proud to announce their conference for 2020, running from the 1st – 3rd of December 2020.

By whatever yardstick one wishes to apply, 2020 has been a bumpy year. The COVID-19 pandemic has dominated international and national conversations, in Europe as elsewhere. Many other plans for the year have had to go on hold as political, economic and institutional actors have turned their focus to managing the pandemic and its health, welfare, economic and indeed sociocultural impacts.


Belarus 2020 and Post-Soviet Colour Revolutions

October 26, 2020

ESAANZ invites you to this event, with presenter Professor Leslie Holmes, on revolutions in Belarus and other post-soviet nations.

In 1993, Charles Tilly published his analysis of European Revolutions 1492-1992. In that, he drew a useful distinction between revolutionary situations and revolutionary outcomes. Clearly, Belarus has in late-2020 been in a revolutionary situation. But will this turn into a revolutionary outcome, and thus overthrow the man often called ‘Europe’s last dictator’?
Do comparisons with so-called colour revolutions in Georgia (2003-4), Ukraine (2004-5; 2014), Kyrgyzstan (2005; 2010) and Armenia (2018) help us better to understand what is...

Competition: #literallyEurope

September 26, 2020

Disclaimer: Not an ESAANZ Event

While travel to Europe is currently impossible, members of the European National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC) have a way to immerse yourself in European culture all the same!

In difficult times, when Covid-19 restricts a lot of us to in-house activities, the cultural institutes came up with an innovative and fun competition, which concludes on the 2020 European Day of Languages (26th September).

For more information see the flyer attached or visit

Happy snapping.



September 17, 2020


  The European Union Centre of Excellence at RMIT University and the European Studies Association Australia and New Zealand (ESAANZ) invite you to this online event on the key messages and reactions from the European Union 2020: State of the Union.

The President of the European Commission presents a State of the Union address each year. This speech offers the President an opportunity to set out the vision for Europe to the European Parliament, and outline work planned for the coming year. It is a key date in Europe’s calendar, and a key...

The Belarusian Election: Political Analysis and Identity Crisis

September 3, 2020



Dr Elena Govor – Australian National University, School of Archaeology & Anthropology

Associate Professor Alexey Muraviev – Curtin University, School of Media, Creative Arts and Social Inquiry


The European Studies Association Australia and New Zealand (ESAANZ) invites you to this free online event about the Belarusian election and identity crisis.

On Sunday August 9, incumbent Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko was re-elected to sixth term in office, with the polls...

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ANZJES Special Issue: Call for Papers!
We are inviting all participants of the ESAANZ Conference to submit revised editions of their papers to be considered for publication in a Special Issue of ANZJES in early 2021

Please check the link below for details

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