Committee Branch: Executive Committee Members

  • Peter Morgan

    Peter Morgan

    Professor Peter Morgan is Director of the European Studies Program at the University of Sydney, and has written widely in the areas of German Studies, comparative literary studies, and European Studies. Peter Morgan is currently Vice President of the Contemporary European Studies Association of Australia (CESAA), and is an editor of Australian and New Zealand…

  • Anna Christoforou

    Anna Christoforou

    Anna is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Canterbury’s National Centre for Research on Europe, having earned her Master’s from King’s College London in Geopolitics and Security studies. Her current research explores the politics and ethics of technological bordering within Europe. She has worked in media monitoring both in the UK and in…

  • Mathew Doidge

    Mathew Doidge

    Dr Mathew Doidge is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Canterbury’s National Centre for Research on Europe (New Zealand). His research interests include EU external relations, development, EU development policy, regionalism and interregionalism, and Europe–Asia relations.

  • Matt Harvey

    Matt Harvey

    Dr Matt Harvey is a Senior Lecturer in Law at Victoria University Melbourne. His PhD (Monash) was on the constitutional development of the European Union. He was a Robert Schuman Scholar at the European Parliament and has taught EU Law and Comparative Law for many years. His research interests are principally in Constitutional Law and…

  • Gosia Klatt

    Gosia Klatt

    Associate Professor at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, at the University of Melbourne. Graduated with a political science degree in European Studies. Her current academic and practical interests lie in the field of education policy in Australia and Europe. Her latest book with M. Milana and S. Vatrella published in 2020 by Palgrave Macmillan…

  • Serena Kelly

    Serena Kelly

    Dr Serena Kelly is a senior lecturer in the politics of the European Union, deputy director of the National Centre for Research on Europe, University of Canterbury and chair of the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs, Christchurch branch. Her current research examines the impact of BREXIT on New Zealand, the proposed EU-NZ Free Trade…