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2022 ESAANZ Essay Writing competition winners

January 4, 2023 —
by Gosia Klatt

Congratulations to the 2022 ESAANZ Essay Writing competition:

Australia – Undergraduate: Mal Priestly

Title: Analysing the treatment of Queer people within the early Soviet Union

University affiliation: The University of Melbourne

Australia – postgraduate: Benjamin Mason

Title: Intervention, Ideology, Strategic Imperatives: An Examination of Fluctuating Relations between Russia/USSR and sub-Saharan Africa

University Affiliation: The University of Melbourne

New Zealand – Undergraduate: Xavier Dickason

Title: Decarbonising transport in the European Union

University affiliation: University of Canterbury

New Zealand – Postgraduate: Katie Ryan

Title: How is the invasion of Ukraine enabled by Russia’s search for ontological security?

University affiliation: University of Otago